Tereza Kerle (1978) Performer, dancer, dance-teacher, choreographer and percussionist Tereza has been studying site-specific performance, at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague since 2012. Her fields of interest are performance and dance. She also express herself by visual installations, spoken word, text, and rhythm, mostly with a site specific focus. The main themes of her work are transformation of consciousness, archetypes, myths, rituals, walking and wandering, the process of individuation, time and space, and sacred geometry. In her performances, she relativizes the boundaries of conventional perception.
Since 2003, she has performed worldwide with the fire-performance group PaLiTchi and later founded her own group, the FireDance Company. In the years 2003-2011, she studied dance and music at an internships in India, Guinea and Mali. In 2012, she participated in Bohemiae Rosa, a workshop with visual artist and performer Miloš Šejn and the dancer Frank Van De Ven (Min Tanaka butoh line).
In 2013 Tereza together with Peter Vítek (scenographer) had, as part of the KNOWtilus project, an exhibition entitled Trans/formace at the Emil Filla gallery. She performed live as part of the vernissage to this exhibition.
Tereza teaches performance, dance and rhythm workshops and seminars.
She is the front-woman of the Marimba Mama band.
For some time she practiced Balinese dance and Sumatran dance theater  – Randai.
She also takes inspiration from practicing vipassana meditation and dzogchen.
“……since everything is but an apparition
perfect in being what it is
having nothing to do with good or bad
acceptance or rejection
one may well burst out in laughter….”
Long Chen Pa