Czech master of the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, Matvija is a performer of contemporary, improvised, and Japanese traditional ensemble and solo music. He graduated from the Centre for Audiovisual Studies of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and studied under Czech composer and shakuhachi player Vlastislav Matoušek. Since 2009, he continues his studies with Matoušek’s teacher, a shakuhachi virtuoso,. In 2017, Matvija was awarded the title nattori shihan of the Kifū-kai, shakuhachi school of Kifū Mitsuhashi, and a performance name, Kimei, 貴明. Matvija has performed throughout the Czech Republic and in Japan, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, the USA, and Portugal. He is a member of Topos Kolektiv and the artistic director of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague.

Quarter to Three, label: Polí5, 2017
Zaškrábnutí /  Scribble More, label: Polí5, 2020

Quarter to Three (quarter-tone improvised music)
Topos Kolektiv (site-specific performance)

International Shakuhachi Festival Prague (artistic director)


Kifū Mitsuhashi (Tokyo)
Marcelo Dos Reis (Lisabon)
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel (Tokyo)

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