TOPOS KOLEKTIV is a project of six musicians who concern themselves with site-specific eclectic improvisation. Each “concert” is a unique work of art created by the whole ensemble as an on-site composed improvisation. “Our ‘score’ is essentially a set of instructions for a musical and spacial performance which is prepared collectively. Everyone contributes, so the performance reflects the unique skills of each interpreter. At the same time, the score serves as a plan or a guideline and gives the performance its functional momentum,” says composer and dramaturge Martin Klusák about the creative process and the aim of the group.

“The performance site is an important source of inspiration for us. Before each performance, we research the space`s history, architecture and location as well as other qualities and subsequently include these aspects into our composition,” says performer Tereza Kerle about the site-specific component. The uniqueness of each production is based on a thorough exploration of the performance space which takes into account its acoustic-semantic characteristics and the musical-performance components of improvisation are subsequently tailored to the given space. The musicians chose improvisation for its playfulness and ability to react to exterior spatial conditions as well as to stimuli from other players.

“What fascinates me about improvisation is the fact that I have to listen and respond at the same time. It brings me to a state of heightened awareness, unlike the experience one has while performing written music,” adds Annabelle Plum, voice performer and the concept co-author. This approach allows the musicians to create a thrilling and unique site-specific project and invite their audiences for a truly unusual experience.

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