Visiting Dresden | hybrid multimedia performance
11. 9. 2021| 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, Ostrale Biennale für Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Robotron Kantine, Dresden, Germany

When artists can’t travel: How site-specific performances arise in times of coronavirus constraints The Czech Topos Kolektiv will present a new performance at the prestigious Ostral in Dresden. “What is the difference in communication, creation, making music when each of us is in a different space? What aspects of our real life cannot be transferred online? How can we fill the online space with an authentic experience? What will happen to site-specific art in this coming time and age? And most importantly, how can we transfer the specificity of Dresden from the online space into a live performance? ” – Annabelle Plum.

We invite you to experience a multimedia performance dedicated to Dresden and its inhabitants on September 11, 2021 in Robotron-Kantine – the main venue of the Dresden Biennial of Contemporary Art Ostrale.

This performance was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Czech – German Futurefund.



HYBERNSKÁ | performance
30. 8. 2018 premier (NaHlas! Interntional Festival of Voice)
04., 08., & 11. 09. 2018

A sleeping hallways of Kampus Hybernská is brought to live through this living installation by four members of the Topos Kolektiv. The space reflects and refractures it`s own history and it`s stories start to appear, through the noise and music that is created in it. Do spaces have their own memory? And is the time a straight line, a spiral, or a circle? Four beings, a voice, a harp, and sounds coming from nowhere, pass through a mirror into other, never-ending worlds.

BOTIČ| performance
29. & 30. 09. 2017
01. & 04. 10. 2017

Topos Kolektiv created a performance in the underground waterways of Botič creek in Prague. After the audience descended on a ladder into the Botič creek tunnel they could discover new folds of Prague`s​ underground through image and sound.

NEU NOW| performance
18. 09. 2016

Topos Kolektiv was invited to NEU NOW a festival for up and coming artists in Amsterdam. The Festival took place at Westergasfabriek a former factory area that has been remodeled into a vibrant public park. Three members of Topos Kolektiv  together with guest dancer Markéta Dušková, created a sound walk through the Westergasfabriek area. The performers mostly hidden from sight, evoked the ones lost now newly recovering nature of the site. At one point taking advantage of a reactive electronic instalation created by Topos Kolektiv member Martin Klusák.

64 | performance
13. 15. & 22. 04. 2016
3. & 29. 06. 2016

For the performance 64 Topos Kolektiv  found itself yet again in the underground, this time of Prague`s historical Lesser Town. 64 took place in a derilict Cinema Palace called kino 64 U Hradeb, hence the name of the performance. The enamble explored film and various protocinematic projection situations. They collaborated with experimental filmmaker František Týmal, scenogarpher Klára Suchá, animator Annemarie Havlíčková as well as an ansamble of four dancer under the choreographic supervision of Tereza Kerle.

NNŽ | performance
1. & 2. 07. 2015
3. & 4. 09. 2015

After several sacred places Topos Kolektiv chose the underground storage space of an out of use freight railway station in Žižkov (Nákladové nádraží žižkov a.k.a. NNŽ), Prague for their next performance site. The acoustics and darkness of this vast industrial underground space, inspired a full evening improvised musical performances, with unexpected moments of quietness and beauty.

SOUND KITCHEN | presentation at PQ15
23. 06. 2015

Topos Kolektiv presented a short improvised performance at the Prague Quadrennial 2015. The presentations too place as part of Sound Kitchen at the New Scene of the National Theatre in Prague. Topos Kolektiv chose the stairwell, as well as items that would be found in the theatre cafe, for their short improvisation.

NEČTINY | performance
22. 05. 2015

Nečtiny is a small village close to Pilsen. As part of Pilsen being the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2015, Topos Kolektiv got the opportunity to prepare and perform a full evening site-specific musical performance at a small chapel (St. Anna`s chapel), close to a quarry. The ensemble took advantage of both the inside and outside space available to them.

TURNOV | rehearsal-intensive
22. – 25. 01. 2015

Topos Kolektiv went for a retreat in Turnov, Český ráj. As part of the intensive, Topos Kolektiv reherased in the local Synagogue and music school.

“ADVENT” CONCERT | Church of the Holy Cross, Jablonec n. N.
14. 12. 2014

Topos Kolektiv` s first public performance was the unlikely event of an advent concert in Jablonec nad Nisou. Along with organ and harp music, Topos Kolektiv suprised the local audience with gurgling while singing, and other experimental musical improvisation.

NNŽKLADRUBY MONASTERY | inspirational trip
19. 11. 2014

In the beginning Topos Kolektiv went on several inspirational trips, to architecturally, acoustically and historically interesting places in the Czech Republic.